eBenchmark Plus was founded to address and assist multi-family properties, churches and commercial companies as well as others to meet the 2017 Los Angeles Energy Disclosure Law and CA AB 802 which both mandate Energy Benchmarking, Audits and Retro-commissioning. The City of Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety is the authoritative office overseeing Ordinances #184674 & #185198, also known as the Existing Buildings Energy & Water Efficiency Program or EBEWE.

Metering & Verification

eBenchmark Plus also specializes in Metering and Verification (M&V), Sub-metering of electric, water and natural gas, and electrical testing.

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Los Angeles Ordinances No. 184674 and No. 185198

Link to the Los Angeles ordinance mandating benchmarking.

AMENDMENT (07/16/2018): Ordinance 185586 Read...

State of California

Assembly Bill No. 802

Better Buildings Los Angeles

Has coverage, requirements and compliance details.