Why Benchmark your Building?

It Makes Financial Sense

Tracking utility usage history provides insight into energy consumption for a given facility. Utility tracking and benchmarking allows us to capture data that is used to determine the building’s Energy Use Index (EUI) which can help to visualize energy usage when compared to other similar buildings. The initial benchmark serves as a baseline and having been documented, is now a starting point to allow new energy savings opportunities to be explored.

It is now Mandatory in the State of California and the City of Los Angeles

Due to recent California legislation, utility tracking and benchmarking of most buildings is no longer a choice but has become law. California passed a statewide mandatory annual energy benchmarking disclosure law. CA AB 802 was enacted and went into effect as of January 1st, 2017. The City of Los Angeles now has passed Ordinances #184674 & #185198 and this city regulation requires most buildings to perform energy benchmarking starting in 2017.

The Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety is the authoritative office overseeing the new ordinance known as the Existing Buildings Energy & Water Efficiency Program or EBEWE.

Next Step?

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